Laptop Battery Frequently Asked Questions

Laptop Batteries

Welcome to the Laptop and Notebook Battery Frequently Asked Questions website. Everything you ever wanted to know about laptop batteries. The different chemistries used in batteries like Lithium Ion, NiCad, NiMh. The different types of batteries like rechargeable, universal and external. How to look after your battery? How to get the most out of your battery? and many more useful information. This website hopes to demystify common misconceptions and problems encountered whilst using laptop batteries and provide tips and tricks to overcome these and other annoyances.

Laptop Batteries

Batteries are used everywhere - in toys, mobile phones, calculators, cars, PCs, radios and laptops. It is a vessel containing various chemicals which produces electricity as a result of reactions taking place between these chemicals. We have come to rely on these vessels a great deal helping us keep mobile and do away with cumbersome cables and wires.

Check the Battery page for more information on how batteries work and the different types of batteries that are available today and also a look into the future of batteries. The Laptop page is a brief pictorial insight into laptops and notebooks in general and the FAQ page consists of all the questions, tips and tricks and other useful information. Links to various manufacturers and other resources can be found in the Links page.